Woodpecker damage

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Fall brings a large uptick in all types of pests around the house, but none quite as damaging as the Woodpecker has been this season. These men cause tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to the siding on homes, and they’re particularly fond of cedar siding.

Woodpeckers are a part of the Picidae family, and mostly reside in forests and woodlands. There are approximately 200 species worldwide, but in the US we have a major group which causes problems.

Downy Woodpecker – Located in all North America, this woodpecker is little. It’s white with black wings which have white spots on them and a red crown.

Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker -Located in eastern North America, they have white, black, and red faces. Like the title suggests it also has yellow coloring beneath its wings and onto its belly.

Acorn Woodpecker – Located on the west coast and south central area of the USA and most of Mexico.

Now that we have went over the types you might have, let us talk about solutions. Woodpeckers drill holes since they’re searching for food. They enjoy soft wood the very best, to search for grubs and little insects, in addition to sap, which is why cedar siding is such a favorite of theirs. Woodpeckers have many natural predators, such as big cats and cats, but also birds of prey such as falcons and eagles.

There are a number of devices available on the market to frighten off woodpeckers, but the get combined results for one primary reason; they are smart. Scented or poor tasting repellants do not work much because you can not spray it on your home and that is where the birds need to go. Noise manufacturers make distress calls and predator sounds, but these are extremely loud and do not work well in residential areas. The best, and often cheapest solution, is metallic moving items. CD’s hung on string, metal tape, and glistening bird diverters all show promising results, but have to be transferred every 10 days to two weeks.

Whatever you choose to do, bear in mind that these birds are extremely smart and will get used to whichever deterrent you use after 2-4 weeks.

House Mouse

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Pest control officials warn that as temperatures start to cool with fall’s approach, vermin obviously start to search for a warmer place to spend the evening. Pests which come for the heat may wind up staying longer and become a critical issue as soon as they establish a house.

Mice can remain warm and insulated beneath the snow in winter, but until the snow drops they want to come inside to prevent the cooler hay temperatures. This year, cooler evening temperatures in addition to a substantial quantity of new building and surrounding regions has resulted in a rise in episodes of pest activity.

The best strategy is to keep these pests from buildings entirely, and a mixed approach to trapping and strengthening buildings from entrance can prevent infestations. After mice have entered a building and established pheromone paths they are hard to eliminate.


With hygiene problems and the chance of infestation, mice control shouldn’t be taken lightly. A couple of traps will not be sufficient to rid of them once they’ve forged a path into a building.

To mouse proof your house, inspect for any location they could enter. Kitchens are prime areas to enter a house. Fill openings using wire mesh around the pipes and some other openings inside cupboards.

It’s also essential to eliminate the access to food and eliminate clutter. Store food properly and remove clutter and debris from around your dwelling. Since cluttered storage areas create attractive houses for pests, it is important to wash and reorganize your cellar, garage and other storage areas. Avoid using cardboard boxes – rather use durable plastic bags,and such actions will enhance your attempts with mice control.

Handling mice problems

The best way to manage critters isn’t letting them in your home in the first place, but when they’ve entered a building there are a couple of alternatives to think about.

Bait may be used around the exterior of the building to dissuade them. Bait placement involves understanding where mice are dwelling, as they don’t want to travel more than about ten feet out of their shelter. The bait must be conveniently positioned for them to detect it and it has to be more attractive than the food they are accustomed to.

A lot of people erroneously assume that their pet is going to keep the home mouse-free. Pets do discourage them, but not all pets are born insect controls. In actuality, some mice will live near dogs and cats and sneak away with a few of the pet’s food!

Completely eliminating vermin is impossible, but keeping them out of your residence or business is. When a pest problem appears to be getting worse, it could be time to call in an expert for rodents control. Selecting a professional before the issue is extensive can help save you money and time in the long-run.

Backyard Chickens

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Having chickens in backyard is beginning to become more and more normal now daily. I see them constantly in my city which was one reason I decided to give it a go. So do you have a particular reason as to why you would like chicken in you backyard? Most people who I speak to want them to have organic and free range chicken eggs and they prefer to raise cows. Whatever your reasons are, I will attempt and assist you raise and manage backyard chickens.

The Way to Get Chickens in Your Backyard

Okay, because you’re wondering how to have cows, I am gonna assume you do not know that raising chickens can really be illegal if you are in certain cities. So check out these first before you proceed to anything else.

The Way to Have Baby Chicks On Your Backyard

They are quite inexpensive. When first beginning turn the temperature in 95 degree F and you need to then reduce it by 5 degrees each week until it’s just like ambient temperature.

The Way to have Chickens in Your backyard and How to Safeguard them – Adult

If you’re thinking about having adult chickens you’re likely to need to protect them from getting attacked by building them a coop or purchasing one that is already produced. You will save money by allowing the sun heat up the coop rather than using electric lighting. So be sure construct a top excellent coop or purchase one.

In my opinion, if I just have a few chickens, I love to construct a chicken coop by myself. why? Mainly because it is a hell of a lot cheaper and I enjoy building things. I enjoy being able to personalize the coops in the why I need them built. This isn’t for everybody, however, If you do not like building things and not really great with instrument I would suggest purchasing a pre-assembled coop.

I hope that you understand a little more on the way to have chickens in your backyard. The first issue is to see if you’re even allowed, figure out whether you want chicks or adults, and purchase or build a chicken coop.


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I didn’t have a cat growing up, so everything I know about cats I have learned since getting our first cat a couple of years back. Cats are weird little critters and have motivated me to read and watch as much as I can. 1 thing that got my attention early on was that some folks are reluctant to give their cats catnip since they’re worried they will become raging drug addicts. Most cats are already raging food lovers (or at least mine is), so I’d be worried too if I believed catnip would add to his list of requirements. Fortunately, anybody with a computer can find everything they need to know about catnip and how it functions.

Here’s a super fast sciencey rundown:

The effects can last up to 15 minutes and contains an hour refractory period where the cat can’t be stimulated further.

Mkay… So, I will see how monitoring can tell us that the cat is enjoying a feeling of euphoria following catnip stimulation, but how do we know they are hallucinating? People have been using catnip for centuries and I found a massive collection of”common” applications of catnip which range from easing toothaches to recreational usage that may help explain why your grandma has such a enormous stash in her basement.

Catnip was used for individuals with”nervous problems”. Catnip tea and infusions had a calming effect and have been used to treat headaches, hysteria, and insanity. Though, it was stated that chewing the origin had an opposite effect, stimulating people into a type of rage.

Catnip was used to assist in women’s fertility. It was used to boost the flow of menstruation (honestly, why??) , assisted in childbirth, encouraged afterbirth, and a moist mash of catnip was utilized to ease sore breasts out of nursing.

Catnip for Baby

Catnip was used to ease colic in infants. It was also believed to alleviate gassiness and the hiccups. Overdoses were reported to cause convulsions and fell from favor.

Catnip to fix what ails you

Catnip mash was utilized to alleviate toothaches, tonsillitis, and hemorrhoid pain. It was a common cold treatment, hive reducer, and has been used to cool a hectic body and to stimulate sweating. It was a frequent pain reliever for arthritis by reducing swelling.

Catnip was smoked in an attempt to ease respiratory problems, such as tuberculosis and pneumonia.

Catnip from the 60’s

I bet you get the idea already, but catnip was commonly utilised in the 60’s as a recreational drug. It had been used in place of and as a filler for bud.

Chocolate Facts

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There are a lot of weird and terrific fun facts about chocolate, it is tough to know which to include and which to omit due to space considerations.

To start with, the Mayans used cacao beans as money as they believed they were more precious than gold dust. They controlled the production of beans in order that their money would not depreciate in value.

White chocolate is not strictly speaking chocolate. We’ve been labouring under a misapprehension for several years. Chocolate must contain cocoa solids, but white chocolate does not have any inside.

Europeans are the biggest fans of chocolate, accounting for the consumption of almost half of the chocolate that’s produced globally.

Where was the largest chocolate bar produced? From the UK; it had been created by Thornton’s because of its centenary.

Toblerone is so popular that when the amount of pubs sold annually were to be placed end to end, they would stretch to 62,000km. That is over the Earth’s circumference.

Chocolate contains theobromine which s a really powerful stimulant. If you consume a lot of it, it may prove fatal. However, you would need to eat around 22 pounds of the stuff in a single sitting, which is not really possible. Theobromine poisoning causes seizures, heart failure, dehydration, and severe kidney damage.

Chocolate chip cookies, loved by many around the world, came into being due to an accident which happened in 1930. Ruth Wakefield ran from cooking chocolate, but undeterred she used bits of chocolate in her biscuit dough. The chocolate she used was Nestles, and she sold her recipe to the company in return for a life’s supply of chocolate.

A pound of chocolate comprises 400 cocoa beans and a cacao tree will create around 2,500 beans. These trees are delicate and cocoa farmers lose about 30 percent of the crop each year.

Early people fermented the pods of the cacao beans to produce drinks aside from chocolate.

These were served in a golden chalice.

Each November in Germany, people celebrate Saint Martin’s Day with candies and cups of steaming cocoa.

Write It Down – Tracking Your Progress Will Lead To Bigger Gains

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How many times while growing up did my daddy tell me,”Write it down!” How often have I told myself the exact same thing?
Writing something down has been demonstrated to be an effective memorization technique. It’s also the key to the past that helps shape your future – and I do mean shape your future. To know where you are going, it helps to know where you’re coming from. Irrespective of how much fish oil or ginkgo you take, it’s far-fetched to expect you will remember every set, rep, mile and nuance of your last workout or the one before that.
Why do you need to recall what you’ve already done? Same reason people write down recipes: to increase the odds of success the next time you are in that circumstance.
And I am not speaking only sets and reps. In fact, anything that affects your senses can impact your workout, even in the event that you’ve mastered how to block out distractions. Recreating a scenario in which you can tune out those annoyance increases the potential for a favorable gym experience. Control what you can, have a back-up plan for what you can not and ignore the rest.
Food and supplement intake, including quality, quantity and timing, also affects your workout, so make some notes. At the gym, temperature, lighting, music, accessibility to the equipment you’ll need, the gym’s layout and how crowded it is are all variables in your workout. Things you discovered on a particular day that affected your training, good or bad, are worth jotting down.
After a while, taking notes will become second nature – a frequent occurrence within your day-to-day workouts. It doesn’t have to be prose; it may be bullet points. The next time you’re in a slump, flip back to a great work out and see why it worked. Draw from that experience. It will not always work, but it could mean the difference between a bad day, week or even month. If you harness creativity with discipline, you can make a masterpiece.

Hitting the Roads

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I desperately wanted a job or a story to sell.

Basically, I wanted money and something to do. I was still trying to find another career and running out of choices.

I was hoping to”think outside the box” in hopes that I could get another career with the abilities some human resource expert always tells me are”transferrable,” but not understands any company that’s hiring someone with more than 20 years’ experience in another industry.

I needed to do something, even though it was incorrect. I’d always done all of the right things during my life, but even a stupid person knows that you can not continue doing the same things over and over and expect different results.

On the lookout for a job wasn’t getting me a job. There are too many unemployed people with great skills, education, and tons of expertise and, still, too few jobs to spread around. I believed if I could ride in the next seat of a semi-truck, it’d give me an chance to actually learn what the job was about before I spent time and money into getting my Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and looking for a company willing to cover an over 40 year-old girl to push for them. I’d still need to pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) medical evaluation too. I worried that age may be a barrier also. With so much to be worried about, I had been finding it hard to prioritize what to worry about most.

So, with this in mind, I went into a local truck stop to interview a few of the drivers. I was contemplating driving a semi-truck as a possible second career because my father was an over-the-road truck driver when I was young.

Then, a couple years after, he taught me a few basic maneuvers like how to drive the tractor around a warehouse parking lot and dock the trailer so the warehouse guys could unload it. That was how I’d spent one Saturday afternoon.

I stood back and watched. I watched as the truck drivers carried their bag and shower kit out of their semi-truck through the rear door reserved for”professional drivers” on their way to the 24-hour restaurant, the coin-operated laundry area or to buy a $12-ticket for a personal shower.

I watched as the motorists fueled their trucks. I watched them drive through the parking lot and rear their big rig at a slot. A truck driver is judged, not by how quickly he can drive on an interstate, but how easily he can back his trailer between two trucks. I saw that the other drivers observe the other drivers.

Mostly, I was amazed by how many female drivers I saw climb out of the truck. I was invited to see them climb from the driver’s seat. I spoke to some of the girls as they headed towards the door.

The majority of the girls I talked with were over-the-road (OTR) drivers that meant they drove long-distances, cross-country and, thus, were not home often. All of them were solitary; a lot of them traveled with a dog for companionship. Among the girls traveled with a dog and two cats in her truck. She had been an independent driver with her own truck. She drove”solo,” she said, and favored her animals to people as companions. She’d been driving for many years and would not return to office work for love of money. That is pretty much what they said.

As I stood and watched the truckers fuel their possessions, inspect their trailers and try to find a parking place for the night, I tried to imagine what it could be like being a professional semi-truck driver. I was hopeful that my limited understanding about the fundamentals of semi-trucks and the trucking business might give me an insight into a new business where there may be a job available for an over 40 year old, white lady, with no kids and you don’t have to come back to a home base to go to family or friends.

I thought I may have found a new road to employment. I was anticipating a new job which would permit me to work independently in the conveniences of a semi-truck using a mix trailer complete with surround-sound stereo, a mobile 24-inch flat-screen satellite tv, a midsize fridge, a microwave and, obviously, a full-size sleeper. What more could a woman want? There was an onboard International Positioning System (GPS) to help me map my way across america. With a single touch, on the 7-inch touch-screen, I could find the nearest rest stop, truck stop or my final destination.

The job was beginning to sound ideal – particularly considering my present situation.

It was a job which would let me see the countryside without needing to pay for a plane ticket or a Greyhound bus ticket. It was a job where I could eat, work and sleep in 1 vehicle. I could travel the nation, with a paycheck in 1 hand and a steering wheel at the other. I wouldn’t even need to go home to see family and friends because after being unemployed for so long – I did not have anything better to do. I could work day and night and package my savings account with money.

I shut my eyes as I tried to picture myself sitting in the driver’s seat, enjoying the scene, while listening to my favourite music as I traveled the countryside from one country to another. I had noticed some of the newer versions that one man called a”condo taxi.” He said they’re called condo cabs since they’re large and have nearly as many conveniences as a recreational vehicle. A few of the men explained that some of those interiors are custom designed and, of course, are really nice. I didn’t get to see the interior of one though. I did talk with one female motorist, however, who called her standard-size sleeper a”bedroom suite” because she enjoyed it so much. She confessed to having it”out-fitted” in pink with goose-down cushions, a goose-down comforter, floor rugs and curtains to match.

The notion of driving a semi-truck with the interior decorated in pink was attractive to me. I was beginning to get caught up in the decorating while still trying to consider the actual task of driving. It was beginning to work for me. I could combine my desire for the comforts of home with the necessity to earn a paycheck and that I would not even have to give up my notebook computer.

The on-board email system should not pose any significant problems either. Half of my problems were resolved. The notion of transporting about 80,000 pounds of freight in an aluminum trailer during rain, hail, sleet and snow rarely happened to me. I could push by day and write through the night. I thought this may be the best solution. I could solve two problems with a single job. I could make a paycheck daily and use my computer at night to freelance my writing career. The key is in the decorating.

Besides decorating my tractor-trailer mix vehicle in calm, soothing colors, I could have my name painted on the side and look very cool. The majority of the tractors could be recognized by the writing on the driver’s door that identifies the owner or operator of every vehicle. Many motorists will have their name published on the driver’s door. Other drivers paint a favourite expression or scripture which generally matches the custom paint job. All vehicles have to get custom amounts; nonetheless, these are provided by DOT. I guess that is a something or regulation. But, that is fine, black goes with everything. Besides, it is going to make the large, black tires noticeable and supply a more”grounded” appearance to the automobile.

Salesmen will tell you that they help the air flow within the tractor and trailer and, thus, reduce wind drag and increase fuel mileage. I think they just did it because it looks cool and provides more head room in the cab.

More headroom allows the trucker to really stand in the cab. More headroom also gives a great open feeling to any space; that appealed to me and my awareness of the outdoors. The extra space also allows the trucker to easily open and close the fridge door while he sees satellite tv on his brand new, 24-inch flat screen tv, with an integrated DVD player.

Many truckers reported that they particularly like the remote control that enables them to change television channels while sitting on the sleeper. This enables them to stay seated and, thus, not need to stand or move to change the station or insert a new disk.

The fridge is generally situated next to the sleeper, which can be convenient. This permits the driver to open the fridge to grab a drink or a bite without getting up. Only a guy would think to engineer the cab of a truck this way. Men live in their trucks the exact same way they reside in the home; food in one hand and the tv remote in the other.

The Automated Power Unit (APU) was also considered by the majority of truck drivers to be a popular feature. It’s responsible for making all these appliances and conveniences works so readily in a semi-truck. The APU provides power to the fridge, microwave, lights and other electric type things which make living in a truck more pleasing. All the truckers needed an APU. The APU makes luxury occur.


The dashboard within a semi-truck is cool also. It’s a judge for all. The interior of those trucks look like the interior of an airplane. They have enough indicators to track almost everything on the trailer or truck. They’ve gauges to monitor fuel levels, oil levels, manifold pressure as well as the gross weight of the cargo in the trailer.

State patrol inspectors are also fond of their weight gauges also. They especially enjoy the burden gauges that they can track while sitting within the”shack” in the port of entry. The state patrol is now able to track a semi-truck’s front and rear axle weight”in-motion” since it moves the port-of-entry. The port-of-entry is automated nowadays. The highway department put scales under sections of the interstate that permits the state patrol to check the weight of the cargo as the semi-truck travels beyond the weight station. The truck drivers no longer need to stop at each port-of-entry when entering a new state; rather, they can simply drive-by while the state patrol monitors the burden on a monitor screen. If the freight weight is too thick, based on Federal regulations, the state patrol still has to get in their cars, turn on a siren and chase the truck driver to give him a ticket. Some things have not changed.

While riding in a semi-truck, I heard a lot about the trucking business. I learned so much that I decided to get my CDL license so that I, also, could haul cargo throughout the country. It’s a tricky task, but does have the main advantage of not having a boss within the cab. Having a boss within the cab is comparable to getting a back-seat driver who would like to tell you how you can drive. This is the advantage that encourages many truck drivers into getting truck drivers. They get to control the truck, their paths and, if they provide on-time, they get paid to drive. They also get to select which radio channel they prefer to listen to while they travel the countryside. It’s important when selecting a trucker to ride , that you select someone with similar taste in music. This is quite important.

I rode with a single trucker for more than two weeks and, according to his log, we logged over 10,000 miles in his semi-truck. I believe that I criss-crossed the United States five times during these two months.

But after talking to many recruiters and truck-driving schools, I learned that there is not a high-demand for girls; but they were ready to give me a opportunity. I applied to work for a motor carrier that’s known to employ inexperienced drivers. I borrowed money from a friend, took a Greyhound bus to another country and, after one failed attempt, I received my license to drive a semi-truck. Sadly, the school wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. After two weeks, I dropped-out, took a bus back home and began searching for jobs in my career field. I also went back to writing and chose to do what I intended all along – to compose a short-story about my experience traveling cross-country in a semi-truck for 2.

Getting a Sedan

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Why would anyone want to drive a sedan? Well I think anyone who owns a sedan would agree that needing more space is the main reason people decide to drive sedans. Sedans are regarded as the family type of car, the kind of car you can throw your kids, dog and luggage in with room to spare. So it is the practicality of the car which makes it a winner with families and individuals who like road trips.

When one is single it’s not hard to fit all your belongings into a car but when you have a family the job becomes somewhat more tricky. Even though a sedan has different compartments for passengers and cargo the back seats can often be dropped in order to load more cargo when passengers don’t need the seating.

One of the main attractions when looking to buy a sedan is the ample cargo space however it doesn’t necessarily mean that great luxury and design needs to take the rear seat. Sedans come in various sizes and models. You may get a very inexpensive little to midsize sedan or a bigger luxury sedan that the choice depends on what your needs and budget are. Both the small to moderate size and the luxury sedans have their advantages and disadvantages.

Fuel efficiency is also another point which many buyers consider before purchasing a car. Sedans which are small and midsized are more efficient than the luxury versions. A luxury sedan is bigger and because of its size it uses more fuel, so if you want a family car that’s economical then I’d suggest choosing a small to medium size sedan. The larger luxury type sedan also has a more powerful engines which is needed due to the weight of the sedan.

Another drawback of driving a larger sedan is that locating parking gets really difficult. This type of vehicle is fantastic for when used to take weekend breaks with the family but may be impractical when needing to spend lots of time driving in towns.

When purchasing a sedan your primary concern is buying a car which has enough space. Whilst purchasing a luxury car is always a question of personal preference and financial resources, for a majority of people easy handling and fuel efficiency are still major concerns when purchasing a car that is the reason why the small to medium size sedan’s are perfect for a small household. There are several makes and models of household, sports and luxury sedans on the market. Spend some time doing some online research and you’re certain to discover a sedan that suits your requirements.


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Rodents will always be an issue. The only solution to it would be to eliminate the rodents from the assumptions.

The way rats and rats are forever giving you problems and headaches; it would appear like they’re born specifically to irritate you. However, all of us know that there isn’t any truth in that. Everybody or every houses and even companies for that matter, get harassed by the annoying rodents. They play no favorites, even if there is any consolation to some people. Provided that there is something in a location they can plunder, they’ll come running.

They’re never choosy either. They’ll eat whatever is there for your taking. So if you’re careless with your meals and where you put it, then you can be certain, the rodents are somewhere out there, awaiting their opportunity to strike.

When rats and mice begins frequenting your residence, then expect them to construct their lair somewhere within your home, too. That is almost a sure thing. When that happens, then things will certainly turn for worse. Rodents bring mayhem and disease. They ruin things; they dirty your home and cause you embarrassment. You’d never want your friends or partners understanding you’ve fleas in your property. It is like close to saying you’re harboring a criminal, to say the least.

The contrast may seem like exaggerated, but it’s true. There’s just no word to explain how much stress and headaches these rodents cause us. When it comes to our house, our own sanctuary, it is usthem who must rule. Definitely there is no way we should allow the rodents reign supreme. And if we wish to keep the rodents away from our house, we ought to invest in hiring a professional rodent removal business to care for the rodent issue.

You can’t find anyone else more demanding than a certified rodent removal specialist to fight the rats. There’s not any other way around the issue nor is there a simpler alternative. If you’re seeking a way out, then, sorry to inform you, you lucked out. If you would like the rodents gone indefinitely, then you need to go for the very best.

Best uses for Ground Coffee

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Is there anything as truly useless refuse? I’d think not, especially in light of the wealth of information on the best way to reuse things of little worth. Things that most individuals undervalue, by way of instance, glass, timber, wood pulp, paper, used rubber tires, and in the scope of this article. As it happens, this treasure, in this case, used coffee grounds, can be put to more than 1 use, in fact, I can list 15 uses at the moment.

  1. Insect control
    Insect control – There is currently an internet meme going around that spraying used coffee grounds on your skin and plants will repel mosquitoes, especially ones that carry Zika Virus. There is actually no scientific literature to demonstrate that, though there are some signs research-wise that spraying java and used coffee grounds on mosquito breeding sites inhibited the embryogenesis of mosquito larvae, and thus significantly reduced the amount of mosquito larvae that successfully matured into adults.
  2. Fertilizer
    For plants that like acidic soil, such as hydrangeas, rhododendrons, camellias, roses, blueberries, magnolia trees, etc.. Used coffee ground can serve as a source of fertilizer.
  3. Carrots and radish growth
    Carrots and radishes work great with used coffee grounds. Sprinkling the latter on the former before planting will help the little seedlings grow faster and give an additional boost when they are only germinating, you are sure to reap larger produce as a result.
  4. Do you like to eat mushrooms? They may be quite the delicacy. Certain types of mushrooms are conducive to being grown in containers filled with used coffee grounds. Grow your own’shrooms now and become a spore farmer!
  5. Clean your fireplace
    Clean your fireplace. Adding some moist coffee grounds to your fireplace will enable you to sweep all of the ash away without producing a billowing cloud of dust.
  6. Deodorize your fridge
    Does your refrigerator smell like a garbage dump? Use it to keep it smelling fresh and pristine.
  7. Pet anti-flea bath
    Add some coffee grounds to your dog or cat’s shampoo to deliver a flea repellent flea bath.
  8. Strip hair buildup
    Adding some to your shampoo or conditioner can strip oil and other buildup from the hair.
  9. Remove eye bags
    It can help you in different ways in the mornings also. In this case they can be used to reduce the dark circles under your eyes.
  10. “Salting” the road
    Caught in a snow storm? Reduce your chances of getting snowed in by using coffee grounds to”salt” the streets and sidewalks. Used coffee grounds make for great gravel and the acidic material can help to burns through the ice faster.
  11. Make garbage disposal cleaners
    Did you know that you can make garbage disposal cleaners using it? You can make them using only the coffee grounds, epsom salt, baking soda, a little vinegar, and maybe a little vanilla.
  12. Unclogging your drain
    It can also be used to unclog your drain. All that is needed is boiling water, a little dish soap, and the used coffee grounds. Just 3 drops of dish soap, a pot of boiling water, and the reasons will cleanse the drain of clogs and dirt.
  13. Eliminate odors
    It can be used to eliminate odors after chopping up foul smelling things. Just rub them onto your hands and wash afterwards. The reasons will neutralize the odor.
  14. Pan cleaning
    Do you have caked-on dirt on your pans? In that case, some coffee grounds sprinkled onto a rag will remove them easily, just don’t use it on ceramic dishes along with other kinds that stain easily.
  15. Air freshener creation
    Only double up a pair of woman’s stockings with some used coffee ground inside of it and tie off, and voila! A coffee air freshener, who understood innovation could be so easy?