Makes Or Breaks Us

Makes Or Breaks Us

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When we see the end, for good or bad, we have it. When we see infinity or no end, we have that too. Additionally, Martin Luther King said a quote I totally agree with:”You earn, baby, earn instead of burn, baby, burn.” I’ll explain all contextual realities through this report. The easiest thing we can do if reality does not agree with us is to really quit, the toughest thing to do when it does not agree with us is to change approaches within that fact even when the new approach initially actually doesn’t agree with us. Indeed, if we really want something, flexibility is crucial, flexibility, Harker Heights Wildlife Removal or rigidity is the thought that makes or breaks a target or even us as beings.

When I think of fact, I think of it as something genuinely flexible, not a rigid”that is it and it won’t ever change”. After all, where do you think a genuine sense of loss comes from? Rigid thinking. Flexible thinking is where all gain in reality comes from. On another note about automobiles, flexibility and new ideas were the secret to Walter Percy Chrysler’s success in the auto business, and later Lido Anthony”Lee” Iacocca had the exact same flexibility and creativity renewing that very same Walter P. Chrysler company.

See my point, that which is too rigid never succeeds. That which is creative and flexible always succeeds. Genuine productive flexibility adds reality spikes in the ideal places that keeps things going where we want them to go instead of destroying themselves in the opposite directions of where we want them to go. Sure, I could give more of a hint than that, but the thought that makes us is flexibility, and the thought that breaks us is real fearful rigidity. Legendary status and greatness comes from imagination and flexibility in the perfect places. Being clownish comes from rigidity in the wrong places.

So, consider this before I finish the article: We all love to win, but he who has the character strength to do it completely right, wins right. Anything less actually is cheating or losing. I could let you know what I mean by that statement, but read into it what you have to to get it. After all, a good article does not do the thinking for you, it makes you think about reality, which is my aim anyway!

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